Why is it Reasonable to Buy Used Cars?

A while ago, used cars had a bad reputation and most people did not prefer buying them no matter the circumstances. Even though they were cheaper and locally available, most people went to auto dealers to buy new cars thinking that they are better. With time, things have changed with economy making people more cautious about spending money and hence start buying used cars which are more affordable. In addition, the government have consumer protection laws which protect the interests of consumers. With these laws, it is financially safe to buy a used car from any dealer. Here are some reasons why buying used cars from Sam Stevens Motors is reasonable:


Most people fear buying used cars because they may end up using a lot of money repairing them. Although this may be true, you can sign a 3 year warranty as well as a private insurance cover before buying the used cars to have a guarantee that the car will not require intensive repairs after you’ve bought it.


Buying a new car in not only expensive but also requires you to have a good credit score. If you credit history is bad, you may be able to buy a new car due to the credit needed. However, buying a used car is affordable because they are cheap and the dealer can still sell the car to you even if your credit history is not that good.


Normally, a new car depreciates faster than a used car right after buying. Just after 3 years of purchasing a new car, it can drop 30-40% of its value depending on factors such as repair and maintenance services and its model. On the other hand, a used car has already lost its value and losing 10-15% three years after it has been purchased is a significant difference. Since, used cars loses value at a slower rate than new cars, buying a used car from a reputable dealer is the best option.


It is obvious that used cars costs less than new cars even though they are similar. Therefore, you may end up buying a used car which you couldn’t have afforded if it were new. It is however important to understand that used cars are well maintained to look and feel new. Your main objective should be getting a good car worth your money and you can definitely get this from SAM STEVENS MOTORS.

Auto Insurance

Besides the low cost of buying a used car, you will also save money when it comes to auto insuring a used car. When compared to a new car, insurance rates of used cars are usually lower and more affordable. You just need to do a little research to get the right insurance company that will cover all your requirements at an affordable cost. You should however avoid choosing the cheapest option because it may not be the right choice for you.


When buying a new car, you’ve a slight advantage in warranty because most of them come with 100,000 mile per 10 year warranty. However, you can still transfer this warranty when buying used cars. Hence, if you buy a used car with 20,000 miles coverage, you still have a warranty cover for 80,000 miles.

When buying a used car, it is advisable to take your time a do a research on eBay, newspapers, local dealers, Craigslist and want Ads. You should also have a mechanic with you to assess the car you are about to buy and advice accordingly. Finally, make sure you read the contract and understand it before signing to avoid future problems after you’ve already bought the car.


The Advantages And Disadvantage of Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf is made from synthetic materials, and the key components are polyethylene plastic grass that is filled with rubber made primarily of recycling tires. With the increased use of artificial turf, there are still a lot of things that is still not clear about synthetic turf such the health hazard involve with its use. Like anything, there are merits and demerits with the use of artificial turf. Visit myallseasonturf.com for more information on the benefits of artificial turf.


Reduce Maintenance Cost – The installation cost may be high, the cost of maintenance is cheaper than natural grass. You do not need regular application of fertilizers and pesticides.

Better Playing Surface – The durability of artificial turf is not is in question and last ten times more than natural grass. Because of the better playing surface, users are given more access to use it. Also, sportsmen and women are given more access to training on it. It is perfectly adapt to any weather reducing the need cancel games because of weather condition.

Fewer injuries – Because of the durable nature of the playing surface, the chances of injuries are reduced. With artificial turf, you avoid large patches of slippery muddy surface as a result of rough play making it safer.

Save water – An average playing field of natural grass need about 50,000 gallons of water weekly during the growing stage. The water can be used for other purposes instead watering playing field.


Lead – Regular exposure to lead has some adverse side effect. Some of the adverse side effects are stunted growth, mental retardation and in extreme case death. However, with improving technology; the quantity of leads in artificial turf is significantly reduced.

Heat Danger – During hot weather, artificial turf can become unplayable due to the scorching nature of plastic. However, the argument is that this prevents players from playing during the hot period of the day that can lead to dehydration.

Zinc – Health Professional also argues that using artificial turf expose players to zinc. Research as shown that there are high chances of toxic chemicals been released into the atmosphere and water under some conditions. A connection has been established between different cardiovascular disease and zinc exposure.

Help Bacteria Growth – Research has also shown that there is some class of bacteria that can grow on polyethylene plastic for up to 90 days. The possibility of contaminating disease from artificial turf is high because sweat, skin cells and blood can remain on it because the surf is not cleaned or washed regularly.

Indeed, using an artificial turf has a lot of merits. Knowing the possible demerit will help come to a decision to use it or not.

The benefits of using artificial turf have proven to overweight the disadvantages. So if you have decided to install an artificial turf, then we at http://myallseasonturf.com can help you.


How Effective is Marijuana for Treating Drug Addiction?

Many people have fallen into the trap that is drug and alcohol addiction and cannot figure out how to get out. The benefit of marijuana when being used as an effective treatment method is that it does not create a chemical dependency unlike many other substances. The body will not shut down if a person stops smoking marijuana, but its use can grant the smoker a pleasing high that is not addictive. Unlike other drugs, marijuana can be used in the same amount without needing to up the dosage in order to obtain the same high.

Unfortunately at this time marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug, which means it is seen as a controlled substance and is still highly illegal in many states. Despite its obvious benefits this drug is still considered to be a highly addictive substance despite studies that have shown this to be quite false.

Why Marijuana Is so Effective

1) It lacks the habit-forming qualities of other drugs.

Despite the fact that many people smoke marijuana as a choice, the body does not build up a dependency for this drug as it does with others. Opioids and alcohol create a chemical dependency within the body that can be quite harmful when those substances that the body now craves and depends on are not present. A person that smokes marijuana might miss the high that the drug brings, but their body will not react in a negative manner if they are unable obtain more of the drug or are unable for other reasons to smoke for a prolonged period of time.

2) Marijuana acts as a substitute for harder drugs and alcohol.

The wonder of marijuana is that thanks to the fact that it is not as habit-forming as other drugs or alcohol it can also act as a substitute. Smoking marijuana does not contain the side effects of harder substances, and is harmless to the body by comparison. It does however grant the user the pleasing euphoria that is brought on by the drug’s natural properties, thereby retaining the ability to help the user relax. Plus, one of the bonuses is that in certain locations it is possible to order weed delivery and be serviced without ever having to leave your abode. This can alleviate the temptation that is to be found outside the home, as businesses such as King Kind can provide the type of product and service that can make the process quick, efficient, easy.

Despite being a relatively new and innovative idea, weed delivery in San Diego and other such areas is beginning to catch on. It is easier to access and much less risk to the user.

3) It can help to lessen the withdrawal stages when quitting harder substances.

It is never easy to quit a hard substance once a chemical dependency has been established. Withdrawals are almost always ugly, nasty affairs that leave the affected individuals as quivering lumps for days on end that can barely function. It is also quite possible that those undergoing withdrawals will be tempted to relapse, which can be extremely dangerous and even lead to death.

By smoking marijuana during the withdrawal phase the overall symptoms won’t necessarily be eradicated, but they will be lessened. The pain of a withdrawal phase is intense enough that many people tend to relapse simply because they can’t stand the agony. With marijuana they would at least be freed from a great deal of the pain that withdrawals can cause. By simply blocking the amount of pain that an individual feels marijuana is without a doubt invaluable to those suffering through a withdrawal phase.


Despite its inherent usefulness medical marijuana is still being treated as a controlled substance. While it has been issued to the terminally ill it still has yet to to administered on a broader spectrum. At the current moment the drug is not being allowed to live up to its full potential, but the issue still remains as to who should be able to use marijuana. Should it be for the terminally ill, or for anyone that just wants to get high?




How to Find The Best Dentist

To find a new dentist can be tough, you may need a new dentist because you just got to a new city or want to change your dentist. The new dentist will be someone that you can stick with for many years to come and even getting new clients for the dentist by allowing your family members also to use the family dentistry. Some tips can make the process of identifying and picking the dentist easy.

Speak with colleagues and friends. When doing something and you are not sure, the best place to get options is from friends and colleagues. They may be able to give you a first-hand opinion of the dentist from their personal experience with the dentist. The will give you an insight into the dentist’s office, the staff and what type of procedures the dentist performances. The information you will get from them will help make a decision on either working with the dentist or not.

Know how much the service cost. Try and look for a dentist that is within your budget because some dentist can be over-priced. There price maybe as a result of the type of service they provide. For dentists that own high-end practice, they will most likely offer more than basic dental services. If you are going to require basic dental care, then go for the cheaper dentist. Find out before committing yourself that the dentist accepts dental insurance.

Be sure the dentist has a license to practice. The dentist should have the license to practice in your state and also not have any problem showing you their professional credentials if you request to see it. Find out more about the dentist by search online. There may be information online about their professional and education qualification that will help in your final decision.

Pick a dentist that offer more than basic dental care. The will help you from changing dentist regularly because your dentist can offer specialize treatment.  Alternatively, the dentist may have an in-house specialist dentist or have a working relationship a specialist dentist that clients are referred to. If you decide that a specialist dentist will best serve your need, do your research properly to make sure you are making the right choice.

Be sure the dentist uses the latest procedure. The dentist must have the latest equipment to perform most up to date method. If you notice the dentist is not up to date, you may need to continue your search for a dentist. By not keeping up to date with the latest procedure may not only result in engaging in unnecessary procedure but putting your health in danger.

How friendly are the dentist staffs? You may find a dentist that you are not only comfortable with but also friendly; however, their staff may be rude and unfriendly. Compare the rating of different dentists by checking online review website. Look out for comments that past clients leave about dental assistance and staff. This will allow you make a proper judgment about not the dentist but their practice. The dental staffs at Federal Way Dental Excellence are not only professional but friendly.

The dentist may be readily available to you. A dentist that provides emergency service is the best to work with. When having a dental emergency, immediate access to dental care is critical. A dentist must make provision to treat emergency cases during odd hours.